The ClubPur Way

Distance • Accuracy • Loft • Spin • Control


ClubPur officially launched May 2019 following 15 months of precise research & development, product testing, and surveying. With over 10 years of experience, CEO & Founder Jay Feagin has served as a technical consultant in the commercial parts-cleaning industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Military & Pharmaceutical) giving expert advise on cleaning logistics to a list multi-million and billion dollar enterprises, including Boeing, Baxter-Takeda Healthcare, Oakley, Sempra, TRD, Moog, NBC Universal and more. His desire to reenter the sports market was inevitable due in part to his former collegiate pedigree in football.


After advised and encouraged by mentors to pick up golf, he quickly noticed that traditional cleaning practices and products did not mount up to the prestige and etiquette of golf but more importantly that there were missing pieces that needed to be fulfilled. Dirt-filled club cleaning stations at the driving range and odor-yielding ball washers at tee boxes led to him seeking alternatives that were effective and convenient for all to use. The birth of ClubPur had then formed. He and his team listened, observed, and focused on a combination of what was wanted and needed - on and off the golf course - to produce the intended results.


Our desire and purpose is to educate golfers with the importance of cleaning and maintaining his/her's golf equipment, that provides more positive results.

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Every Stroke, Every Round. Play Clean!