Golf Club & Equipment Cleaner - Value Size

Golf Club & Equipment Cleaner - Value Size

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Multi-Purpose Golf Club & Equipment Cleaner - Value Size

ClubPur is offering a new F-Spray bottle that feature a dual spraying mechanism: a short spray and an extended continuous spray. The highly preferred spray bottle is equipped with a carabiner and attachment to allow easy access on the exterior of your golf bag whenever you need it. 

Our proprietary cleaning solution derived of coconut oils and conditioner is self-penetrating, thus dislodging grass, dirt, sand, range mat & ball markings from your club face and grooves. It is also highly effective in breaking down the sweat and oily residue to restore tackiness to prolong the life of your grips. Have your golf clubs performing as they were manufactured to do so and be confident with each shot.

Every Stroke, Every Round. Play Clean!


- 26 oz Dual Spray bottle.

- Proprietary cleaning solution.

- Cleans grips and club face (Yes, your GRIPS).

- Self-penetrating

- Non-rusting.

- Carabiner clip to hang on your bag.

- Biodegradable.